Yamazaki will never be on the cover. What makes Yamazaki Yamazaki is his banality – he doesn’t make the cover of manga. If he ever made the cover, he would cease to be Yamazaki. Yamazaki is someone who could be around you all day without you noticing him. When you’re talking about the good old days, you say, “Those were good times, huh? But who else was with us?” “Well, there was Takahashi, Sato, you, me, and… There was one more. Who was that?” That’s Yamazaki. He’s that green stuff in a bento box. He’s the guy who looks better than usual at graduation. He’s the guy who walks around all day with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. Yamazaki is always in your heart. Even if he doesn’t make the cover, you can find Yamazaki all over the place. He’s right beside you.

Sorachi Hideaki


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